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Why Bahrain attracted over $1 billion investments in 2022

Bahrain, a tiny nation in the Arabian Gulf, is emerging as a hot spot for investors looking for opportunities in the Middle East. The Bahrain Economic Development Board (Bahrain EDB) recently announced that it attracted a record $1.1 billion in direct investment in 2022, which is a testament to the country’s growing economy and business-friendly policies.

Optimistic outlook

This significant investment came from 89 investment projects, and it is expected to create over 6,300 jobs in the local market over the next three years. This is a clear indication that Bahrain is quickly becoming a hub for investment, and investors who are looking to invest in the Middle East should consider Bahrain as a viable option.

Golden license

Bahrain’s government is committed to driving economic growth in the country, and one of the initiatives that demonstrate this commitment is the ‘golden licence’ that was recently launched. This licence provides incentives to foreign and local companies with large-scale investment projects in the country, with the aim of boosting job creation and investment in Bahrain. Companies with strategic projects that will create more than 500 jobs in Bahrain or those with an investment value exceeding $50 million are eligible for the licence.


Moreover, Bahrain has embarked on a National Economic Recovery Plan that aims to enhance the overall business-friendly environment and attract foreign direct investments. This ambitious plan includes launching over US$30 billion of strategic projects and prioritizing five pillars of economic growth, including tourism, manufacturing, and financial services.

Strategic location and stability

Its strategic location, stable political environment, and attractive investment opportunities make it an ideal destination for investors looking to expand their businesses in the Middle East. The country’s government is committed to creating a favorable environment for investors, and the recent record-breaking investment in 2022 is proof that these efforts are paying off.

With its pro-investment policies, ambitious economic recovery plan, and growing economy, Bahrain presents a promising opportunity for investors looking for a stable and prosperous investment destination in the Middle East. Investors who are considering the region should not miss out on the chance to explore the investment opportunities that Bahrain has to offer.