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„No! Why?"

„To be honest it's freaking disturbing!

Talking to a floating head!"

„Oh, ok, but still no!"

At that moment Cale saw someone appear behind Allan:

„Oh, it's another one! There behind you!"

Turning his head around Allan looked at the person that laid on the floor a few meters behind him. It was an Asian girl and she was completely naked. She had long black hair that would reach down to her back when she stood up. But the best way to describe her would be small, she was only around 1,5 to 1,6 meters tall and if not for her long hair one could probably mistake her for a pretty boy if she wore just slightly loose clothes.

„Well, Allan my friend, you are the guy with a s.h.i.+rt!"

Grumbling silently Allan took off his s.h.i.+rt and covered the naked girl, and then proceded to try and wake her up.

„h.e.l.lo? Excuse me!"

„Hmmm... not now Airi, I have to work today and am still exhausted from playing with you all night yesterday!"


Allan turned his head slightly embarra.s.sed to look at Cale and tried to ignore the pictures that he just imagined.

Carefully Allan shook her shoulder and continued to call out to her, all the while taking care that his head was out of all potential danger zones.

„Who? What? Where?", still half asleep the girl asked all three important W-questions.

When she looked down suddenly started to blush heavily and said rather loud:

„Turn around right this instant!"

While both men turned around Allan remembered to remind her:

„By the way, the part of your body that seems invisible is the part that's covered by my s.h.i.+rt. You can wear that for the time being."

When the men were allowed to turn around again, the girl already wore the s.h.i.+rt. Luckily she was pretty short, so the s.h.i.+rt reached over her b.u.t.t and half the way down to her knees.

After a few minutes, they had calmed her down and explained the situation.

„So, Aya, I guess you also don't know what this freaking situation is all about?"

„No I don't know, and mister Cale could you please not get so familiar with me? It's uncomfortable."

„Hm? What are you talking about?"

„May I ask a question miss Is.h.i.+kawa? Where are you from? Or more precisely, which language are we using right now?"

„Obviously j.a.panese?!"


„Then please, listen to me talking and only concentrate on the sound and ignore the meaning. Which language is it? Can you tell?"

„What the f*king h.e.l.l! I have never heard this kinda language before, what is this?"

„Well, it's definitely not j.a.panese, that's weird, to say the least."

„How the h.e.l.l did you even realize that?"

„Well, I also didn't realize at first, but it got me thinking when miss Is.h.i.+kawa complained just now. Her name already sounded like a j.a.panese name, and if you consider the fact that it is impolite to call someone by their first name if you aren't close in j.a.pan it got me thi

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