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„So first ‚magic' and other worlds and now even G.o.ds, huh? This is either one insane coincidence, or we have to consider that there is someone or something that's calling itself a G.o.d. Still, even then, it may be some insanely powerful being but I will never believe that it is either omniscient or omnipotent. With this much stuff going on it seems like I will have to reconsider many things and concepts in my research in the future.", Allan said.

„What do you guys think, how many more people will get thrown in here by that a.s.sh-„


„-that G.o.d before she is satisfied?"

„Who knows, depends on what she needs us for.", Julia answered.

„Do you know what this situation actually reminds me of? Hero summoning!"

„You mean like in those stories? I've read some of them as well some time ago. Haha! That sounds so freaking ridiculous that it could actually be true!"

„Let me think... In that case, they come usually either alone or in groups of three, five or seven. But lately, there are also many stories with huge groups of over twenty people... but in that case, they always just take away a whole cla.s.sroom including the teacher...", Aya contemplated.

„In short, we don't know.", Allan closed the case.

„But in terms of timing it shouldn't be long if there are more to come, it's always been around 30 minutes if my sense of time isn't failing me completely."

Not knowing what to talk about they fell into an awkward silence, waiting for something to happen.

And as predicted, after only a few minutes a figure appeared. The figure that was most likely a man, was a giant of nearly two and a half meters, but at the same time very lanky with very long limbs, making him look almost like slenderman. His skin was light gray and he seemed to have not a single strand of hair on his whole body, not even eyebrows or eyelashes. His eyes were constantly in a half-closed state making him look sleepy and a glowing blue crystal sat in the middle of his forehead. And, only if one looked a little bit closer would one realize that something was missing, he had no ears.

-h.e.l.lo.-, an ethereal voice said politely.

Confused, they looked around, trying to locate the source of the voice.

-Yes, I'm communicating with you, there is no one else besides us seven in this s.p.a.ce right now.-

„Oh, telep„

-I'm of the magus race, we can only communicate through telepathy, it is an innate skill of my race.-

„-thy that's a really rare skill, is what I wanted to say.", Loras explained only to get interrupted.

„So, wh", Julia got interrupted as well.

-Just call me Magus, we don't have names that could be conveyed in words.-

„Are you per-", Cale got an annoyed look on his face when also got interrupted.

-Yes, my race is naturally gifted in magic.-

„Say, Magus, are yo-", Cale began his sentence.

-Indeed, I can read your thoughts. But I can only read those you want to convey to me. I can't rea

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