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Hearing what Allan said everyone turned their head in the direction he pointed out.

„Worked!", the newcomer said in a low voice that could have been mistaken as a cats purr.

„A Pantherian? No, wait, her skin is to light, and that voice! Even her eyes are green!"

„Hm? What are you talking about, Loras?", Aya asked curiously.

„Ah, right you aren't familiar with other races then humans, if I'm right she should be a pantherian, a tribe of beastman."

In front of them stood a small girl, around the same size as Aya. Her skin was fair and light while her hair was midnight-black and reached only down to her chin until it changed into black fur that covered her neck, a part of her shoulders and front, as well as her whole back down to her tailbone where one could see a long, elegant cattail moving through the air. Her head was adorned by a pair of beautiful cat ears that moved attentively left and right as if to not miss the smallest sound, while her bright green, almost glowing, eyes looked at the rest of them with a sharpness that didn't quite fit the rest of her cute face, only to be further strengthened by her cat-like pupils.

„I can see that she is a beast person, I'm not blind!"

„Ah, right, I still can't wrap my head around how your people managed to come up with races that don't exist in your world while still getting the names mostly right."

„Hey, it's not nice to talk in front of her like this! My name is Julia, what is yours?"


„Urgh, we won't get anywhere like this, you are a Nightwalker, right?"

„Nn.", Shade nodded her head.

„Well, I never thought I'd ever get to see a nightwalker. Nightwalker are an extremely rare mutation that can happen in the pantherian tribe. Normally pantherians are rather large and muscular, with rather dark skin and much less fur than her. Also, they have mostly yellow, rarely blue eyes. Pantherians are said to be some of the best naturally gifted a.s.sa.s.sins combining great stealth and a high amount of explosive strength. A nightwalker is different in many points, they are much smaller and less muscular, their eyes are green without exception and their beastly blood is much stronger. That is shown in their eyes, giving them great night vision, their fur, and their b.e.s.t.i.a.l instincts. On the other hand, it's said that it makes talking very hard for them, as we can obviously hear. Considering their abilities there are also differences as well. For one they have an extreme affinity with the darkness element in terms of magic. On the other side, their explosive strength is much lower but they are even faster, more agile as well as stealthier. Also, it is said, when a nightwalker is born in a pantherian family the child gets taken away immediately to start their training as a.s.sa.s.sins while the family gets a reward that's enough that the next two generations could live of of it without having to ever lift a finger. I don't know anything about the abilities

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