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„The two special stats, or how they also get called, defense stats are [physical defense] and the before mentioned [willpower].

These two stats are calculated with the three stats of their respective category as a base and you can't put stat points into them directly. Also it is known that not all stats have the same effect on the defense stats. As an example, a single stat in [endurance] increases [physical defense] more than a point in [strength] while a point in [agility] is even less effective. But the differences aren't that large.

What [physical defense] basically does, is increasing the hardness of ones body. If you have enough [physical defense], even the best steelblade wouldn't be able to cut your flesh anymore, for example.

[Willpower] on the other hand, is by far the least understood stat of all. That is because it tends to fluctuate strongly. While an increase in mind stats certainly also increases [willpower] and some t.i.tles do the same, this stat is only perfectly reflected if one were totaly emotionless. The reason is that your emotions have a strong influence on your willpower. Intense feelings of love and hate for example, can amplify your [willpower] by several times, while feelings like sadness and resignation can have the opposite effect. But the effect is not only reflected in ones [willpower] but can also result in fluctuations of ones mental stats. Some say it can even have effects on the body stats, but i think that it is just the result of a lack of motivation. Opinions on this are split.

You may have realized it at this point already but [willpower] has two effects, one is the ability to withstand mental attacks, but the other is directly related to the undead we talked about earlier. The higher ones [willpower] the easier it is for a soul to maintain itself without a body. That is also the reason why high leveled individuals become undead more often and for a longer time. Some of the great masters that are said to have reached over level 1000, supposedly even leave behind their legacy's in their tombs, were they protect them even after their death until they find a worthy heir."

„Pfft. That sounds like something directly out of a xianxia story.", Aya mumbled amusedly.

„Hmm? I didn't quiet get what you said?", The cardinal asked.

„Nothing, please continue, the last thing should be skills, right?"

„Yes, the last thing that i need to explain are skills. Skills are... this is a little bit hard to explain... Skills exist for almost all actions, as long as one can and wants to improve on this action. For example the [swordmans.h.i.+p] skill exists, but i have never heard of anyone having a ‚walking' or ‚sleeping' skill.

You can get a skill if you actively try to improve on a certain action. When you get a [skill] they are usually around level 3. But depending on your natural talent and you G.o.d given talent, they can start at level 1 or even level 5.

To improve the level of a s

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