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„A what?", the princess asked confusedly.

„You won't know what a computer is, but that's actually also not quite the right way to call ist. If completed it will be the ultimate multipurpose artifact that can do everything as long as the user knows how to do it."

„Isn't that a little to ambitious? Aren't such ‚multipurpose' artifacts normally already to large to be used properly as they include to many functions? Also, i heard they have a terrible output. They don't make good weapons at all."

„I know that too. It isn't supposed to become a weapon, and even though the prototype may become rather huge i just have to work on the downsizing afterwards until it can be carried around. If things go as i hope, the most fitting way to call it would be a ‚core' for all my future projects and artifacts."

„What do you need something like that for? And building such a thing into every single artifact seems a little costly, doesn't it?"

„If things go well it may actually become a great revolution for all artificers. Let me ask you a question, do you know the two big problems when combining two different crafts? Probably not... Hmmmm, let me think of a good example... Variables and programming languages aren't something you would understand... Right, this is a good one!

Let's compare alchemy. Lets say we have a magic-sword and have a magician enchant it further. What we are doing is putting two alchemists in one room to create a certain item. In the optimal case, the alchemists would work together and use one set of ingredients, mana in this case, to create a product, the magical effect, that is better than having only one alchemists do it. Can you follow?"

„Yes, so what are the problems you mentioned?"

„There are two problems. If we continue with the example it would be something like this. First, they can't talk to each other and can't even the each other."

„Eh, isn't that already a big enough problem? And there is still a second one?"

„Yes, the second is that they use absolutely different methods. They have different mindsets how things should be done, no matter if it's the order, technique or recipe. If you give them only one set of ingredients to work with..."

„The outcome would be horrible. If even remotely usable."

„Exactly, and could you please stop interrupting me when i'm already explaining? Thanks. This is what normally happens. Now you may or may not know, but there are rare cases where either one person could learn two compatible crafts to useful levels or twins with similar enough magic signature appeared. In these cases they were able to successfully combine two crafts.

Keeping the example going, what happens now is that the alchemists can at least see each other and communicate. But the other problem still exists. They have different techniques and believes and still won't be able to properly work together. You need to know, this types are all rather stubborn folks, and won't stop arguing, th

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