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“It gives me great pleasure to know that you think of my half sister more like a sister than I do, Prince.”

Hazel smiled slightly. Perhaps because Sisef’s words were not different from before, they were digging a hole in her heart.

“So I guess It makes you want to care for the little sister.”

“She’s a little different from the perfect you.”

“I’m good on my own.”

Perhaps Sisef never knew but each of his words tore at Hazel’s heart.

He was her only friend until Lorette came to the palace.

“The heart you have for Lorette, I hope it will remain the same forever.”

Hazel managed to finish her sentence. Regardless of the feelings she had for him, she owed him.

It was Achilleon who had killed Sisef, but she was the very one who had caused the misunderstanding. Someone had left room for the Emperor (Achilleon) to accuse the Empress (Hazel) of wrongdoing.

“I do not wish to see our friendship broken, Hazel.”

Sisef’s voice was the softest it had ever been.

“We’ve been friends since the first time we met. That will never change.”

“Friends, my prince?”

A wry smile spread across Hazel’s lips. Even though she tried not to, it was difficult to suppress the emotions that kept welling up in her.

“I am the princess of Land, and you are the prince of the Demophos Empire.


“This was before we’re Hazel and Sisef.”

Hazel tried hard to suppress the emotions that had been boiling in her chest earlier. It was all over. It was an emotion that had once again tried to crumble into a terrible mess.

She remembered the tragedy that had resulted from such a foolish mistake of madly clinging to what she could not have.

“I hope that in the future you will not visit me in such a rude manner. Now then…”

It was the moment Hazel turned around.

“I was worried.”

She heard a very gentle voice. At that moment, the hand that was grabbing her dress began to shake.


Hazel stood frozen like a stone statue.

‘He was worried’, Sisef’s kind words had become a soft blade that stabbed her heart.

It was funny that his words could still have this effect on her.

There were times when she wanted to give her everything to that one word. She wanted to listen to whatever he wanted her to do. I never doubted that she wanted to be there for him.

But Hazel knew very well the cost of putting everything on the line for that simple word.

“When you didn’t show up for the welcome ceremony or the ball, I thought you were really sick. I’ve asked to visit you, but you’ve always refused.”

A troubled expression appeared on Sisef’s face.

“Why on earth would you do this? Please let me know if I hurt your feelings. I’ll fix it…”


Hazel swallowed a deep breath inwardly. The supremely gentle tone in which he spoke to her, he meant it. It drove her even crazier.

Hazel opened her mouth, putting more pressure on her clenched fists.

“Make no mistake. What can you do wro

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