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“It’s a bit sudden.”

There was a hint of suspicion in the king’s tone.

“I’ve been a bad sister, so I did some reflection.”

Hazel smiled weakly.

“Poor Lorette. She grew up outside the palace and didn’t get to enjoy all the things a princess should have. That’s why I think she deserves to have more happiness.”

“…I’m proud of you for thinking like that.”

A smile appeared on Ileos’s mouth. Hazel felt indescribably strange seeing her father’s sincere smile, which she had not seen in a long time.

Her father’s face, as he held Lorette in his arms, was always filled with that kind of smile. He even lavished the words, “My beloved daughter.”

His whole world revolved around Lorette. It was as if he had never had a daughter before.

It only made Hazel feel terribly awkward that her father’s smile was now directed at her.

“The imperial delegation has just arrived at the royal palace. We have a lot of things to digest. You know as well as I do that it has not been easy to make this happen.”

“Of course.”

It was a peace agreement with an empire that had swallowed up half of the continent. The reason why they had set a half-month long date for this agreement was to further strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

If the Princes had a good time in the Kingdom and showed a friendly attitude towards the Kingdom of Land, it would be an opportunity to clearly instill the Land’s status in the surrounding countries.

“You two are my only children. It would be nice if you two can get along with the Princes….”

Hazel realized the intention behind the king’s words. Since his two daughters and the Princes were at the same age, he wanted them to consider marriage.

The king wanted Sisef.

It was not the Crown Prince that Ileos had in mind, but the empress’s son, Sisef. And the partner for Sisef was….Lorette.

‘I didn’t know it back then.’

Ileos had a higher opinion of Sisef, who was well educated and lived in the imperial palace, than the Crown Prince who rolled around on the battlefield surrounded by harsh rumors. In fact, he was certain that it would be Sisef, not Achilleon, who would inherit the throne.

Sisef was the one who had the best qualities as a chieftain to lead a country. So this agreement was able to be reached by his outstanding skills.

And the king didn’t hesitate to use his daughters in this agreement. The benefits of marrying into the Empire would be greater.

Even if the political marriage was not consummated, it was not a bad thing for a beautiful princess to show up at a ball or wherever. The king knew better than anyone that a beautiful appearance would arouse the favor of the other party.

Ileos was born with a brilliant mind, and he managed the affairs of state well.

It took a great deal of meticulous ability to defend the throne among the powerful nobles, but he maintained the balance of power by properly appointing people from each family.


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