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“Rayburn, how’s Titty doing?”

Hazel said, watching carefully as the court doctor applied medicine to the cat’s paw and changed the bandages.

The little white cat was crying bitterly as it looked at Mary, who was holding it so that it couldn’t move.

“Fortunately, the wound is healing well. Just apply some more medicine and try not to let it lick it.”

The court doctor finished the treatment with a careful hand.

“Thank you.”

Hazel hugged the cat and smiled. When the cat in her arms began to whimper softly, she gently stroked its neck.

“It won’t have any problems walking again now, will it?”

When she saw its swollen and bleeding paw, Hazel was worried that it would never be able to walk again.

“Yes. Thanks to the fast care, it was able to prevent the foot from necrosis. Thanks to the Princess’s early arrival.”

“I’m glad.”

Hazel sighed, relieved.

“The princess really cares for Titty.”

Mary added, and Hazel could only smile vaguely.

“Thank you, Raburn, for taking care of the cat while you were so busy.”

“I’ll be here whenever you need me, Princess.”

“Okay, then…..”

Hazel was about to say goodbye, but when the court physician seemed hesitant to leave his seat, she looked at him suspiciously. Their eyes met, and the court physician spoke up in a respectful tone.

“Since the Princess is here, I would like to examine the Princess.”


“I’ve been worried because you’ve been saying you were resting and refusing to be examined, but I’m glad to see you today. I think I’d like to thank the cat.”


“May I examine you?”

The court physician said with a smile as if he wouldn’t take no for an answer.


Hazel hesitated for a moment, biding her time. She wasn’t in any real pain, and she was worried that her temporary illness would be discovered as soon as he examined her, but she had no particular reason to refuse.

“…Yes, go ahead.”

Hazel reluctantly agreed.

“I don’t think you’re sick.”

When Rayburn tilted his head after checking her said that, Hazel hastened to make an excuse.

“I had a bad headache the other day, and my heart beat fast and it was difficult to breathe.”

“Was it when you were out looking for the cat?”

“Yes…wasn’t it?”

Hazel answered momentarily and the court physician nodded as if he understood.

“I guess because you were running around.”


“Probably had a headache from all the tension of finding the cat, too.”

“Rayburn, it’s…”

“From what I can tell, the princess is in very good health.”

“But for a while, I’ve had nightmares, I haven’t slept, I’ve been screaming, I’ve been throwing things… You know that.”

“Yes. At that time, I thought you were seriously ill.”

“You did?”

“But you’re very well now.”

“That can’t be. I’m very sick right now, and it’s not good.”

Hazel sighed heavily. She was surprised at herself as she spoke, but she only hoped that Raburn would

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