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Lorette called her mother with a tearful face.

“Why do you keep calling me? Did I say anything wrong?”

“It’s not that…”

“Don’t worry. If the child is a girl, I can just get pregnant again. I will not stop until the child is a prince.”

Lady Pais smiled behind her fan.

“By the way, did Hazel fix everything?”

“Yes, she did.”

“That’s odd.”

Lady Pais folded the fan and tilted her head.

“What is it?”

“You don’t see it’s strange?”

“At first, but…”

Lady Pais’s eyebrows furrowed as she watched Lorette hesitated.

“I sent you there on purpose. I thought she would kick you out again.”

Lady Pais gritted her teeth.

“But it was really kind of her. Instead of kicking me out, she fixed my messed up speech and lent me the necklace.”

“She was sick for a few days, did she really lose her mind?”

Lady Pais’s expression became serious.

“If I hadn’t, that cheeky little girl…”


When Lorette quickly pulled her sleeve, Lady Pais withdrew her hand, looking annoyed.

“You think I’m an idiot? No one’s listening.”

There was no one in the vicinity of the mother and daughter speaking together as she spoke.

“Well, thanks to Hazel for lending me this jewel, I was able to catch everyone’s attention.”

“It belonged to Queen Martina? I was the one who managed her jewelry, but….”


Lorette looked at her wryly.

“Yes. I was in charge of the Queen’s jewels. But I had never seen this jewel.Truly… all the brilliance and beauty in the world seemed to be there.”

Lady Pais’s eyes narrowed as she remembered the past.

“I’ve never seen it.”

“It’s probably because sister Hazel kept it.”

“It’s her mother’s legacy, of course.”

Lady Pais continued quickly, seemingly unable to hear Lorette’s voice properly.

“Since she had no problem lending it to you, you ask her to just give it to you.”


When the startled Lorette asked back, Lady Pais smiled.

“Why are you so surprised? You can be the owner of the jewel.”

“What do you mean? It was sister Hazel’s mother’s.”

“The Queen’s jewels belong to the royal family. It will eventually belong to the lord of the palace, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Hazel, does it?”


“Someone is coming. Keep your voice down.”

Startled, Lorette hastily covered her mouth. It was then.

“The welcome ball is about to begin. Please join.”

A servant spoke politely as he approached the mother and daughter.

“I understand.”

Lady Pais replied with a thrust of her chin, and the servant bowed his head before retreating.

“Let’s go.”


“Without the first Princess, she seems to be getting all the attention.”

Count Burns, one of the attendants on this official visit, said, pointing with his eyes to where Princess Lorette was standing.

“The first princess?”

“Oh, the king has another Princess besides Princess Lorette.”

Sisef answered Achilleon

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