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“What did you say?”

Hazel jumped out of her seat, and the shawl around her shoulders fell easily to the floor.

“What do you mean? Call the chamberlain at once.”

“Yes, yes.”

Mary quickly picked up the shawl from the floor, draped it over Hazel’s shoulders, and went out.

The chamberlain was soon summoned and bowed before Hazel.

“Lady Pais sent me.”

“For what?”

“She said we needed more beautiful flowers to decorate the banquet hall.”

“…my flowers? What about the ones in the private greenhouse?”

“The flowers in the Rose Palace are especially beautiful. She also said that the flowers are intended to be displaced for important guests from the Empire, so don’t be offended.”

The chamberlain spoke quietly, avoiding Hazel’s gaze, which was fixed on him.

“What… what?”

It was Mary who spoke louder first.

“Take the flowers from the Rose Palace?”

While Mary exclaimed, the chamberlain smiled and answered.

“We used many fine roses to decorate the banquet hall. Lady Pais wants to bring roses, the symbol of Land, to the guests’ rooms as well, but we don’t have enough.”

The chamberlain calmly gave reasons without raising an eyebrow.

“It’s not just the Rose Palace that has roses! There are roses scattered throughout the gardens of each palace.”

“It’s been raining a lot lately, and many of the petals are damaged. Some of them have been eaten by insects. We can’t give such flowers as gifts to our guests.”

The chamberlain’s words spilled out very smoothly. Hazel watched him closely and said.

“How long have you been working at the palace, Carl?”

“Less than a year, Princess.”

“You’re very good at your job, even though you’ve only been working here for a short time.”

The people in the palace were slowly turning into Lady Pais’s people. This was all because of the king’s power. All of the households in the palace, large and small, were placed under the control of Lady Pais, so her influence in the palace was becoming greater and greater.

Although Hazel, the imperial princess, still had a higher position, all the people were busy pleasing Lady Pais because it was the way of the world to bow to the real authority.

It was not surprising that they did so, since her one word would change their salaries and treatment.

The more it happened, the narrower Hazel’s position became.

Lady Pais had become more and more rough around the edges since giving birth to her children, and she was able to wrestle her way out of everything mundane.

Even though the Duchess of Conces was a powerful noble family, the royal palace was strictly owned by the king, and the nobles could not act unnecessarily. If they do something wrong, it would be a good excuse for treason.

“I’ve heard that Lady Pais has taken great pains to assist the court on my behalf. I would be happy to help.”

“Isn’t that why the princess took such good care of the roses?”

Mary said with a sigh.


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