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As if she felt his gaze on her, Lorette turned to look at where Sisef was sitting. Hazel saw clearly that in the crowd of people, only two people whose eyes met were exchanging smiles.

A shy smile appeared on Lorette’s face. Hazel knew exactly what the reddened cheeks were saying. And also Sisef’s eyes, which shone brightly at Lorette’s cuteness.


Hazel couldn’t help but look away hastily.

Her heart began to pound. She felt horrible, as if she had made a very big mistake. For a very brief moment, the scene passed through her vision.

No one would have seen it. It was only for a short time.

Struggling to calm her heart, Hazel walked over to where her seat was arranged.

‘What’s wrong with him?’

Meanwhile, Achilleon’s eyes that followed her persistently continued. She felt every muscle in her body tense up at the intensity of his gaze, which she couldn’t ignore.

‘Does he dislike something?’

Was there something about the speech that he didn’t like? Or was her reading that bothered him?

No matter how much Hazel thought about it, she couldn’t come up with a clear answer. The back of her head hurt from the stare, and before she knew it, the welcoming ceremony was over, and the welcoming banquet was waiting to follow.

“It was beautiful, Hazel.”

Sisef approached and spoke to her, Hazel replied with a big smile.

“Thank you.”

As Hazel glanced around, Sisef corrected his words.

“Oh, I must call you Princess.”

He added in a slightly mischievous tone. Hazel’s cheeks flushed red at his words. Just as Lorette did earlier.

“It was an honor to hear the princess’s wonderful speech today.”

Hazel gave a happy smile as Sisef spoke in an exaggerated manner. All eyes in the hall were on Hazel and Sisef. Their eyes, visible through the fans, were half curious and half expectant.

“I wonder if His Royal Highness will ever want to have Demophos son in law?”

“I heard they have been close since they were young.”

The princess and the prince, who had first met as children during an exchange between the two countries, had similar interests to the extent that they had taken composition classes together, and after a few visits they became quite close.

There were even whispers that they would soon be talking about marriage. It was all a result of King Land’s elaborate plan.

“Thank you for the speech, Hazel.”

Lorette greeted the two and bowed gracefully.

“…Thank you.”

Hazel had no choice but to accept the greetings. Normally, she would have ignored Lorette and walked on by, but there were too many eyes watching her now to do so. Hazel glanced over Lorette’s outfit.

Contrary to Hazel, who wore a dark green dress, emerald earrings and necklace, Lorette was dressed in a pale sky blue dress and aquamarine trinkets.

It was a gift directly from the king, who said it perfectly matched Lorette’s complexion. The clear sky-blue necklace and earrings were something Hazel ha

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