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It was the busiest day at the Imperial Palace hunting grounds in a long time.

After a lively dinner, Hazel sat in front of the mirror and let the maidens do their thing.

“The hunt was tiring. I had to look at the blood all day. I still feel nauseous.”

When Hazel complained, Mary, the Empress’s chief maid, brought her a teacup and offered it to her.

“But you still had the best catch, didn’t you? What are you going to make with the white deer you got from His Majesty?”

“Well… Shall we hang it on the wall?”

Hazel chuckled.

“The antlers are beautiful and would look great on the wall in the Empress’s bedroom. What shall we make with the skins then?”

The deer that Emperor Achilleon had personally caught and presented to the Empress was an animal that could only be found about one or two at a time in the entire forest.

Not only were they cautious and inconspicuous, they were also fast and not easy to catch, yet the emperor was willing to give it to the empress.

“Why don’t you make a winter dress out of its leather?”

The maidservants were more excited about it than the Empress herself.

“I heard that the Emperor has caught many times more than the Grand Duke.”

The maidservants, who had just helped Hazel change into her pajamas, took off her jeweled hair ornaments and her shoes, and replaced them with soft silk slippers.

In the meantime, to keep the Empress entertained, they made constant noises about the day’s events.

“The Grand Duke had only caught a few foxes.”

The Empress’s expression, which had not reacted to the maid servant’s words, changed drastically.

“How dare you mock the Imperial family?”

“…My sins, I’m sorry…”

The dumbfounded maidservant hurriedly knelt and then bowed her head.

“Do your job. Whether it’s His Majesty or the sky, all were born with different qualities.”

“Yes, of course.”

The maid breathed a sigh of relief, stood up, and began combing Hazel’s hair again.

“I heard white deer are precious. We could have raised it. It’s a shame that it’s dead.”

To liven up the atmosphere that was frozen for a while, Mary switched the subject in a cheerful voice.

“It’s true.”

Hazel nodded.

“He killed it in front of me…I still can’t breath at the sight.”

“Oh my God…”

The maid’s hand trembled as she held the comb, as if she had imagined the scene.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I was too.”

Hazel narrowed her eyes and thought back to earlier at the hunting ground. The deer’s eyes were like black grapes and it was still breathing. Hazel was about to say, “His leg is injured, let’s help it.” A long sword was thrust into the deer’s neck.

“I want to give it to you in its most beautiful condition.”The emperor said.

“My hand trembled when I saw it.”

Hazel raised her hand and mimicked the shaking. She remembered the fear she had felt a little while ago.

She knew he was a man of no mercy when it came to dealing with sin

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