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Chapter 1 Little Singer King of Two Yuan Stores

Ling Xi was discovered by a star scout in an underground passageway. At that time, he was wearing a school uniform, holding a guitar, sitting on a stool he had bought, and playing the original songs written by him. The young man looked innocent, his voice clear and his smile pure.

The scout threw twenty yuan into the box in front of him, struck up a conversation with him, and asked him if he wanted to be a star.

Ling Xi said: Yes.

The scout asked him: Oh, then what's your name?

Ling Xi told the scout his name.

The scout was curious: Ling? This surname is quite rare.

Ling Xi looked up at him, with a naive look in his eyes: How could it be?Ling Boli[a]is also surnamed Ling.

The scout immediately decided that he must accept such a mentally retarded child.

A few days later, Ling Xi was taken by his parents to the agency to sign a contract. The personalities of the three members of the Ling family were exactly the same-casual and artless. It could also be called careless. Father Ling skimmed through the contract. He didn't bother to hire a professional lawyer or raise any objections. He turned to Ling Xi and said, "Son, sign it."

Ling Xi said, "Okay."

The star scout looked anxious and asked them if they wanted to amend some of the terms-although the management company generally would not agree to any amendments they proposed.

Mother Ling waved her hand: "Never mind. This is good enough. He won't be popular anyway."

During this conversation, Ling Xi had managed to misspell the "Xi" in his name. The scout watched helplessly as the boy made a mistake writing his own name. The right half of the word "Xi" was misspelled three times and resulted in the ink being smeared on the contract. Ling Xi threw down the pen and asked, "Can I write inPinyin[b]?"

Of course not.

Ling Xi reluctantly took out his ID card, looked at the word "Xi" on it for a long time. He was very angry and said: "When I finish signing the contract, the first thing I want to do is change my stage name."

At that time, Ling Xi strongly requested that his stage name be changed to "夕". From "曦[c]" to "夕[d]", this was adefinite decrease in quantity[e]. However, the management company felt that the word "夕" was a bad omen. Finally, both sides took a step back and used the word "熙[f]".

After changing his stage name, Ling Xi entered intensive training. When he signed the contract, Ling Xi was 15 years old and had just entered senior high school. He had time only on weekends, winter and summer vacations to go to the company for training. After two years of protracted training, the company felt that he was ready, so they sent him to a singing competition. After participating all over the country, he finally won third place at the national level. It was also the year he graduated from high school.

Winning third place at the national level did not sound like much, but for the small

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