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Chapter 5 Bringing money into the team

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After a while, it was time for lunch, and the three artists and their agents moved together to a private room at a hotel not far away. This time it was just a small gathering of the key members of the crew. The scene was not big and the atmosphere was very casual. Ling Xi had been to a lot of dinner parties before, but this was the first time he had dinner with a certain crew. He couldn't get in on the topics the director and the screenwriter were talking about, so he simply ate and drank with peace of mind.

An Ruifeng had seamlessly adapted to the atmosphere at the banquet. He had been so popular in the past two years, not to mention that he was about to step into the film circle. Everyone swarmed over with wine glasses to congratulate him. He welcomed all those who approached, and could converse with them. He did not put on airs, and no matter who mentioned him, he always gave his approval.

Zhu Linlin raised her eyebrows and suddenly asked Ling Xi, her tone aiming to incite: "This is a private party. How did you get in?"

Ling Xi pouted in anger and turned in An Ruifeng's direction: "I firmly hugged the golden thigh and acted as his leg pendant to get in and freeload." He asked: "How did you get in?"

Zhu Linlin stuck out her chest very proudly: "This Great Aunt brought money into the team!"

......that’s why she could take the four words “li suo dang ran[1]” for granted.

Ling Xi later asked Wu Youpeng to find out who Zhu Linlin had been “generous” to, and Wu Youpeng ran to ask the screenwriter he knew well. The screenwriterdage[2]slapped his thigh and pointed to his nose: "Who else can she give it to but me? Anyway, I am also a famous screenwriter. If I can assign your family’s Ling Xi into the group, then of course I can also get Zhu Linlin into the group."

Thescreenwriterdagewastoo drunk, and couldn’t control his mouth: “Originally, in this play, there were only three apprentices under the master. One old, one young, and one dog, and they were all male. Male! But Zhu Linlin’s agent approached me and asked me to add a role for her. He said the price was easy to negotiate. I said okay and asked for two million yuan to add a role, but he said it was too expensive. He bargained with me for one million[3]...for one million, humph, she can only play half of the role."

After hearing this, Ling Xi hurriedly offered three more drinks to the screenwriterdage. Zhu Linlin's role was the same as his--they were both co-acting with another actor. However, Zhu Linlin spent a million yuan while he didn't spend a cent. This kindness really moved him to tears.

In addition to thanking the screenwriter, he also wanted to thank his agent Wu Youpeng. These were all opportunities that Brother Wu had helped him fight for by running around. He would no longer dislike the lack of compensation! He must seize this opportunity and try hard to express himself. M

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