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While Daniel carries on with his rambling, Charles only continues watching him in both incredulity and pity.

For not recognizing Cassidy as the wife of his own boss, he finds him ridiculously unbelievable. But for falling for the same woman he used to have feelings for, he couldn't help but be sympathetic. A broken heart is not easy to piece back together, after all.

"I can't believe how blind I was. I never thought I could be so stupid," Daniel muttered underneath his breath before he turned back to the window to see Cassidy and Adrian rubbing their noses against each other like a couple of dorks.

"Wow. What a sight this is," someone from behind them chimed in all of the sudden, stealing their attention.

They turned around to find Olivia walking in their direction. At this point, they are no longer that surprised by her visit, considering that she does it more often than not. She is still in her teacher uniform this time, which must mean that she has only gotten out of her work.

"Good afternoon, Ma'am Olivia," Charles greeted with a smile.

"Hello. I've dropped by again..." Oliva beamed at him before she looked at Daniel who tried not to flinch under the sudden attention.

"I pretty much grasped the situation here. Seemed like you weren't aware for a while. I couldn't blame you for not noticing it was Cassidy, though. Back then, all of us had been surpised by the change in her. We couldn't recognize her at all. Onto another important matter, she had gotten back together with Adrian recently. If you weren't paying attention on what's happening around him, you wouldn't really find out about it. To be honest, Charles and I just figured it out yesterday."

"What?! Only yesterday?! Were they that secretive?!"

"They just didn't want to make a fuss about it. Besides, they deserve the privacy. And you wouldn't really go around telling others that you and your wife had gotten back together, would you?"

"W-Well, you have a point."

Right then, Olivia peers at the bouquet of flowers that Daniel is holding. When he sees this, he blushes in embarrassment and tries to hide it. She notices his abashed reaction which makes her smile once more, seemingly entertained by what she has come to realize at that moment.

"Didn't you also have a huge crush on her for a while, Charles?" Olivia then brought up out of nowhere, taking them aback.

"Two things. One, I am never ever drinking alcohol again when you and Ma'am Irish are within a ten-mile-radius. I only had that crush for a year, okay? Two, I think that the President and Ma'am Cassidy suit each other more," Charles said in defense, daring her to argue.

"Whatever you say~"

"So, you also fell for her too, huh...?" Daniel blurted out and slumped in defeat.

"I guess it's inevitable-"

Then, the door opened.

Surprised, they turned around to find Cassidy and Adrian walking out of the office - holding each other's hand and laughing like two lovesick teen

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