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Chapter 370: The Sword of Victory Is for My Use

“Haha, he has fallen to the ground. I’ll give him the final blow now!”

Polos was already a bit overexcited. Seeing his opponent fall to the ground and unable to move for a short while, he had the intention of taking the opportunity to kill this Bulanda.

After all, this wasn’t a gentleman’s duel. A gentleman’s duel would still have a limit, but the situation here was that this was a duel initiated by Bulanda unilaterally.

Polos thought of himself a gentleman, a gentleman in terms of wealth.

As for the etiquette, respect for the opponent, and the etiquette in the duel, he could not care less. In fact, what he was doing now was no different from his previous battles. It was even no difference from the brawls of the street thugs. Similarly, he would not give up until he killed the other party.

Therefore, Polos raised the ship’s skeleton and wanted to walk towards the spot where Bulanda had fallen.

But Polos suddenly felt someone grabbing onto him. He looked back and saw that Spicer had an anxious look on his face.

Spicer spoke swiftly, as if he was afraid of missing an opportunity.

“Take advantage of now! Bulandais injured! Compared to the two of us, Jerry must be more worried about Bulanda’s injury! This is a good opportunity to escape!”

Polos understood halfway through listening.

The origin of this duel was because Bulanda was not satisfied with the way the two of them treated their subordinates, thinking that they were too cold-blooded.

And now, faith did not win against the number of people. Bulanda was unable to fight against the two opponents.

Moreover, since Bulanda had fought for such a reason, this meant that Jerry was at least a very caring monarch, and would definitely not ignore the lives of his subordinates.

If he finished off Bulanda at this moment, how could Jerry sit back and do nothing?

The moment Jerry brought the Sky Sword to the battlefield, he would not be a person that he and Spicer at their levels could deal with.

Based on what Bulanda had said, Jerry must be a very caring person to his subordinates. Therefore, when he saw that his subordinate was injured, he must be extremely anxious and worried about the injuries of his subordinate.

That was why this was the best time to escape!

Polos instantly understood what Spicer meant. The two of them quickly put away their magic weapons and fled into the forest!

Jerry was keeping a close watch on Polos’ movements. If Polos wanted to take the opportunity to kill, Jerry was prepared to make a move at any time. He was confident that he could turn the situation around in an instant.

However, what Jerry didn’t expect was that these two people didn’t seem to be interested in the life and death of their enemies. Instead, they were more concerned about their own lives.

When their opponents were temporarily unable to move, these two chose to run away directly. It

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