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Chapter 446: Keep A Close Watch

The balance in the card was insufficient!

! ! !

Master Xiao felt like he wanted to kill someone at that moment.

Damn Ye Cheng. He still hadn’t send in the 4,000 yuan. The other members of Blood Wolf had obediently given him the money but only he didn’t.

He probably did not want to live anymore.

Lu Beixiao took Ye Qiao’s smart phone and walked to the window. He immediately called Ye Cheng.

“Xiao, important news. Ah Wei has finally confessed. They do have –”

“I don’t want to listen to business right now! Ye Cheng, where’s the 4,000 yuan you owe me?! I give you five minutes to transfer it over, ” Lu Beixiao interrupted ye Cheng fiercely.

On the other end of the phone, Ye Cheng was dumbfounded.

“That’s not right. Xiao, what the f*ck? I don’t owe you money. You’re the one who asked me for money, right? F*ck! Is this your f*cking attitude of borrowing money?! You make it sound like I owe you money,” Ye Cheng said angrily on the phone.

After saying that, he hung up the phone in a domineering manner.

“Young master Lu is so poor. He doesn’t even have the last payment of 20,000 yuan…”

“Beauties, my husband isn’t poor. His money is with me. Use my card,” Ye Qiao happened to walk over and took out a platinum credit card from her wallet. She handed a platinum credit card to the shop assistant with a smile.

“Miss Ye, I knew it. How could young master Lu not have money but you’re too lucky. Did he really give all his money to you?” the shop assistant continued to gossip, wishing that she could hear all about their dating history. This couple was so enviable.

“Of course! Otherwise, how could he not have enough money?” Ye Qiao was too embarrassed to say that the cool, handsome young master Lu in front of her only had twenty yuan of pocket money every month.

Ye Qiao had just gotten her phone back from Lu Beixiao when it rang again. The two walked out of the wedding dress shop together and went to the shopping mall across the street.

“Xiao! I transferred five thousand yuan to you. F*ck, I don’t want you to pay me back, alright?!” Ye Cheng could be heard as soon as the call connected.

Ye Qiao immediately understood that her brother Xiao was asking Ye Cheng for money.

“Sure, sure! You said it yourself, there’s no need to return it!” Ye Qiao said happily. She was really going to laugh herself to death.

“F*ck. F*ck! Big sister! You have to make a decision for me! Your man is really too damn much. In order to buy you a wedding dress, he asked us to raise money for him. Four thousand yuan for each of us. I was busy with work and forgot to transfer it to him. F*ck, he looked like he wanted to kill me,” Ye Cheng complained to her when he heard that it was his big sister.

Ye Qiao was even happier now. She looked at the cold-looking man beside her and said, “My brother Xiao is so cute!”

“Cute?! He’s practically a bandit! Damn it!” Ye Cheng said angrily,

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