PinkPig8 You're The Brightest Star In My Sky
A story about a talented and kind idol and a cruel and short-tempered CEO.
OtakuLolicon I Got Transferred to a Magical World Full of Mafia's
(fantasy, comedy, magic, romance and echii) This is a story of a college student who got transported into a world full of magic and mafia clan where he struggle to get rid of his virginity in the world full of elves, goddess, beast, demons, humans and demi human
Treasure_hunt Alyssum: Journey Of A Queen
It 's hard to be an Omega heir, being a disappointment to your parents, the person you love, and always falling in the pit of your sister 's plot. Follow Alyssa on her journey from a weak girl to a strong independent ruler of her country with the help of sweet but domineering and fierce Alpha who is head over heels on our innocent Alyssa.
Aisoretto The Summoned Incognito Hero
A 14 year old boy was on the verge of dying when he called for help not expecting that the one who would answer his call was someone from another world. To answer his call, he got summoned to a fantasy world. Being summoned in a different world, whether it be fate, accident or will of someone, none of these mattered to him as long as he is alive. With his memories lost, he tried to learn how to...