Sudanese in Dubai

UAE’s Sudanese community provides help for over 260 stranded

The recent closure of Khartoum Airport due to military clashes in the Sudanese capital left over 260 Sudanese individuals stranded in Dubai.

These individuals had travelled to Dubai for shopping, medical treatment, or while in transit, with the intention of returning to their home country before or during Eid Al Fitr.

However, due to the sudden closure of the airport, they found themselves stranded in Dubai with limited cash, and their visit visas expired. They were unable to return home and had nowhere to go.

Sudanese community

In response to their appeal for help, the Sudanese community in Dubai provided these individuals with shelter and food until they were able to travel back to Khartoum. The Sudanese community club formed a committee in coordination with the Sudan General Consulate in Dubai to support the stranded individuals. They set up a group on WhatsApp to locate the stranded and provide them with what they needed.

The stranded individuals included two sick people and their companions who had come to Dubai for medical treatment. The committee provided these people, along with 20 men, accommodation in the City Palace Hotel in Bur Dubai until the end of the month.

Meanwhile, 18 men were housed in the York International Hotel in Bur Dubai, and 24 women were housed in furnished apartments in the Emirate of Ajman, Al Yasmine Tower.

The Sudanese community in Dubai also coordinated with the Human Rights Department in Dubai Police, the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Charitable Foundation, the Consulate General in Dubai, and the Northern Emirates to provide free housing for 120 people in the Youth House in Al Qusais for a period of 15 days, with food and care.

The community members formed a committee to support women, including two cancer patients, with Sudanese volunteering doctors and pharmacists providing all necessary medical care for free and continuing to follow up with them daily.

The closure of Khartoum Airport and the resulting stranded individuals in Dubai highlight the importance of community efforts in times of crisis. The Sudanese community in Dubai came together to provide support for their fellow countrymen and women, coordinating with various organizations and authorities to provide shelter, food, and medical care.

This crisis also sheds light on the importance of contingency planning for individuals traveling abroad, particularly during times of political instability or conflict. Travelers should ensure that they have the necessary funds and a plan in place in case of emergency situations that may leave them stranded in a foreign country.

In terms of the impact on Dubai’s economy, this incident may not have a significant effect as the stranded individuals were already in Dubai before the conflict in Sudan erupted. However, it does highlight the importance of the Sudanese community in Dubai and their contributions to the overall economy through their businesses and social activities.

It also highlights the role of Dubai as a hub for transit and medical tourism, with individuals traveling from around the world to receive medical treatment or stop over while en route to their final destinations.

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