Is Mendy about to transfer?

Is Real Madrid’s Ferland Mendy on the verge of summer move?

Ferland Mendy, the talented left-back for Real Madrid, finds himself at a crossroads in his career. Real Madrid is actively seeking to offload several players this summer, and Mendy is one of their top candidates for sale.

After a challenging 2022/23 season marked by injuries and poor form, the club is seriously considering parting ways with the 28-year-old defender. Recent reports suggest that Mendy may attract interest from Saudi Arabia, a nation that has been making waves in the summer transfer market.

In this article, we delve into Mendy’s situation, exploring his background, the struggles he faced, Real Madrid’s transfer plans, Saudi Arabia’s rising influence, and the potential benefits for all parties involved.

Ferland Mendy’s background

Before joining Real Madrid in 2019, Ferland Mendy had already shown immense promise during his time at Olympique Lyon. The French left-back quickly caught the attention of top clubs with his solid defensive skills and ability to contribute to the attack. Real Madrid recognized his potential and secured his services for a substantial fee of €50 million, underlining their belief in his abilities.

Frustrating season

The 2022/23 campaign proved to be a frustrating one for Mendy. He struggled with injuries that limited his playing time and hindered his ability to find consistent form. As a result, Mendy couldn’t perform at his best, and this impacted Real Madrid’s defensive stability. With the club’s high standards and fierce competition for places, Mendy’s performances fell short of expectations, prompting Real Madrid to consider selling him.

Transfer plans?

Real Madrid, known for their ambitious transfer activities, have a clear plan to reshape their squad. Mendy’s potential departure is part of this strategy, along with the desire to sell other underperforming players. Additionally, the arrival of Fran Garcia, a promising left-back, adds competition for Mendy and further complicates his future at the club. Real Madrid aims to recoup a significant portion of the €50 million spent on Mendy’s transfer while reducing the wage bill and squad size.

Saudi Arabia to the rescue?

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has emerged as a force in the summer transfer market. As part of its sports strategy for FIFA 2030, the gulf nation has successfully attracted high-profile players from top European teams, demonstrating its growing financial power. Notable signings include former Real Madrid captain Karim Benzema, who joined Al Ittihad, and other stars like N’Golo Kanté, Rúben Neves, Kalidou Koulibaly, and Edouard Mendy. The allure of lucrative contracts and the chance to experience a new footballing culture have made Saudi Arabia an attractive destination for players seeking a fresh start.

Mendy as a target for transfer

Considering Mendy’s unwanted status at Real Madrid and his availability for transfer, he could become a target for Saudi clubs. With a market value of €25 million and two years left on his contract, Mendy presents an intriguing opportunity for Saudi Arabian teams looking to strengthen their defensive options. His experience in top-level competitions and his reputation as a solid left-back make him a valuable commodity in the transfer market.

Benefits for Real Madrid

A potential sale to Saudi Arabia would benefit Real Madrid in multiple ways. Firstly, it presents an opportunity to recoup a significant portion of the €50 million invested in Mendy’s transfer. This financial gain would offset some of the club’s expenses while allowing them to allocate resources to other areas. Additionally, shedding Mendy’s high wages and reducing the squad size would align with Real Madrid’s strategic objectives and provide more flexibility in shaping the squad for the upcoming season.

Opportunities for Mendy

On the other hand, a move to Saudi Arabia could offer Mendy a chance for a fresh start and increased playing time. By joining a club in the Middle Eastern nation, Mendy could rejuvenate his career and rediscover the form that made him a highly sought-after talent in the first place. Furthermore, a potentially lucrative contract offer would provide financial security and recognition for his abilities, making Saudi Arabia an enticing option for the French left-back.

Status and speculations

As of now, there have been no concrete movements regarding Mendy’s potential transfer to Saudi Arabia. The possibility of a move exists, given Mendy’s good reputation in the country, but nothing has been finalized. Transfer windows are dynamic, and negotiations can progress quickly or encounter unforeseen obstacles. Therefore, the footballing world awaits developments to see if Mendy will indeed make a move and contribute to Saudi Arabia’s growing influence in the summer market.

Future for Mendy

Ferland Mendy’s future at Real Madrid hangs in the balance as the club explores the option of selling him this summer. The left-back’s frustrating 2022/23 season, coupled with Real Madrid’s transfer plans and Saudi Arabia’s rising influence, present a potential pathway for Mendy’s departure.

As Real Madrid aims to recoup a significant portion of the transfer fee and reduce the squad size, while Mendy could benefit from a fresh start and a lucrative contract offer in Saudi Arabia. The football world eagerly awaits further developments to see if Mendy will join the ranks of high-profile players making moves to the Middle Eastern nation.


Curious as to what’s next for Real Madrid’s Ferland Mendy? Find out through the following frequently asked questions below.

Is Ferland Mendy actively looking for a transfer from Real Madrid?

No, there is no explicit indication that Mendy is actively seeking a transfer. However, due to his struggles in the previous season and Real Madrid’s desire to sell him, a move could be a plausible option.

How likely is it that Mendy will be sold to a Saudi Arabian club?

While it is too early to determine the likelihood, the interest from Saudi Arabia suggests that a move is possible. Mendy’s reputation and availability make him an attractive target for clubs in the region.

How much could Real Madrid recoup from Mendy’s potential transfer?

Real Madrid could potentially recoup a significant portion of the €50 million they spent on Mendy’s transfer in 2019. The exact amount will depend on negotiations and market conditions at the time of the transfer.

Would a move to Saudi Arabia impact Mendy’s international and future career?

Mendy’s international career should not be significantly impacted by a move to Saudi Arabia. If he performs well and maintains a high level of play, he should continue to be considered for selection by the French national team.

Are there any other potential destinations for Mendy besides Saudi Arabia?

While Saudi Arabia has been mentioned as a possible destination, it is essential to consider that other clubs or leagues may also express interest in acquiring Mendy’s services. Transfer markets are dynamic, and various factors can influence potential destinations.

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