Saudi Arabia esports capital of the world

Saudi Arabia poised to become esports capital

Saudi Arabia is set to become a prominent destination for esports and gaming enthusiasts as the nation unveils plans to construct a state-of-the-art esports city in Riyadh, the capital city. With a staggering budget of US$500 million, this visionary project aims to position Saudi Arabia as a premier hub for large-scale esports events and tournaments, capable of accommodating up to 20,000 attendees.

New oil

Scheduled for completion in 2024, the esports city will serve as a cornerstone of Saudi Vision 2030, a comprehensive economic diversification initiative aimed at reducing the country’s reliance on oil and petroleum exports. Spearheaded by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Saudi Vision 2030 emphasizes the strategic importance of the gaming and esports sectors in driving employment opportunities and providing world-class entertainment for both local residents and international tourists.


“The establishment of the esports city marks a significant milestone for the esports industry in Saudi Arabia,” stated Mohammed AlQahtani, CEO of Saudi Arabia Holding Co., one of the country’s major private equity firms.

“It showcases the nation’s commitment to developing this industry and emerging as a global esports hub. The city is expected to attract renowned esports teams and players from around the world, while providing a platform for local talent to grow and compete on an international scale.”

Mohammed AlQahtani, CEO of Saudi Arabia Holding Co

The construction of this esports city underscores Saudi Arabia’s dedication to diversifying its economy and creating a thriving ecosystem for the gaming and esports sectors.

With its visionary approach, the country aims to leverage the tremendous growth potential of the esports industry, further establishing itself as a dynamic player on the global esports stage.

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